For some, massage is considered a luxury. To others, it is a necessity to keep the pain at bay and stress down to a minimum. We make every effort to deliver value while keeping our business viable, however, there are several ways you can save money on massages at MLB. In fact, there are at least 6 WAYS YOU CAN SAVE money on our massage services.


1. Membership

Massage Loft at Blackwater offers a monthly massage membership. Save $10 - 15 on any 30, 45, and 60 minute massage, $20 - 25 off any 90 minute massage.

An initial commitment of three months is required. Then, with two weeks written notice, you can suspend (up to three months), or cancel your membership. If you must cancel before your three month commitment is up, you will be charged $10 for each massage you purchased after initial massage. Unused benefits are non-refundable and do not accumulate. It's use it or lose it.

Members also receive:

  • One Free 30 min birthday massage

  • Member only discounts

  • Queue priority on fully booked waitlist days

  • Private Members only classes, workshops, promotions and events

  • [60 and 90 min only] Two 30 min massage gift vouchers, annually, to be given to anyone who has not previously received massage at MLB

  • [90 min only] Save MORE on an additional monthly massage

Yearly membership savings over $260! Check out non-member Services + Rates HERE>>>

Online Booking Now Available!


30 min Monthly Massage Membership

$69 Join

$40 Monthly

45 min Monthly Massage Membership

$99 Join

$50 Monthly


60 min Monthly Massage Membership

$129 Join

$70 Monthly

90 min Monthly Massage Membership

$159 Join

$100 Monthly

$95 Additional



2. Packages

Massage packages are sold in packages of 6 and 12.

They can be purchased over the phone, by an emailed invoice, or at Massage Loft at Blackwater.

Call for current pricing.



3. Share the love, refer a friend!

You know how great you feel after a massage and how essential it is to your health. So, how about sharing your love of massage with a friend. For every referral you make you’ll receive a $10 credit off your next massage after your friend comes in for their treatment! Use them as you get them or save them up and use them all at once. It’s up to you! No limits to how many referral rewards you can receive.

  • You will be notified by email or postal mail when you have earned a Referral Credit. Credits may not be shared or used with other discounts or promotions and have no cash value. Credits are for massage treatments only and may not be redeemed for products, massage packages or gift card purchases.



4. Military Discount


We are proud to show our support for our Military men and women by offering a discount to all active duty military personnel on any massage, including Packages and Monthly Memberships.

10% off Tuesday - Friday

20% off Monday

Thank you for your service!



5. First Responders, Healthcare Providers, and Education Professionals Program

Massage Loft at Blackwater is launching its very own INDUSTRY MASSAGE PROGRAM. The program provides reduced pricing to FIRST RESPONDERS’ - local police/law enforcement, fire, and EMS; EDUCATION PROFESSIONALS - teachers and school staff; HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS - nurses, doctors, dentists, medical and dental assistants, etc as well as those who support them in the workplace.

The program is offering $20 off all regularly priced services Monday through Wednesday and 10% off on Thursdays.



6. Massage Giveaways

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