CMC 1.0 

In this class, couples will learn how to massage, in a way that can be safely and easily done at home. Who really wants to give their partner a one-hour massage on a table? No one. That’s a really long time. We have ditched complicated jargon and unnecessary complicated techniques. Instead, we give you the perfect amount of information for a 30-minute routine that hits all the right spots. Plus, you can do it on your couch or floor. No table or special equipment required. Neck, shoulders, and back. 

Group Class  2.5 hours  $149 per couple  

CMC 1.1 

This class is for couples who want to "dig a little deeper". We will review techniques learned in CMC 1.0, learn new skills, and add deeper pressure. No table or special equipment required. Scalp, face, hands, arms, legs, and feet will be combined with previously learned areas. 

Group Class  2 hours  $149 per couple


CMC 2.0 

You have attended CMC 1.0 and 2.0 and are ready to advance your skills (you are thinking about purchasing your own table for home). In this class, we will put it all together to create a full body massage that is certain to have your partner drooling. Can be customized for athletes.

Group Class  3 hours  $175 per couple